During a scorching wildfire season in California, President and CEO of Edison International, Pedro J. Pizarro, came into Town Hall Los Angeles to discuss the environmental and economic issues facing the state. Being one of only a handful of Latinos who has headed a Fortune 200 company, Pizarro displayed the leadership and knowledge that helped to propel him into the position he is in today.

While Pedro noted that the recent fires in California are some of the worst in the state’s history, it is really a part of a larger conversation that is familiar to most and has been around for decades; climate change. There have been implementations by past administrations to halt the effect and to rectify the damage that had been done by climate change. The most notable one being the Paris Agreement. While the current administration has enacted the decision to pull out of the agreement, Pizarro said that America sees the importance of decreasing the carbon emissions amount it sends to the Earth’s atmosphere. Pizarro mentioned countries like China and India, two countries with huge populations and rising economies, are also seeing the importance of cutting back on carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, while there seems to be an international consensus on the issue of climate change, California’s Legislature has yet to pass a major piece of legislation that would help to prevent fires from happening so regularly. Pedro suggested the need to pass a Carbon Tax that would prevent more wildfires from starting and to promote using renewable energy in California. Mr. Pizzaro noted that if nothing is done now, then it is unlikely that something will be done in the future in this regard.

He also touched on the importance of using alternative energy for not only environmental purposes, but also for economic ones as well. Pizarro said he doesn’t want the state to find itself in a situation where there is an energy crisis and as a result people would end up paying more to get electricity. He mentioned how countries like Paris are attempting to shift to using renewable energy in 10 years and that California should follow suit.

With wildfires becoming a regular occurrence in California, Pedro showed that people and organizations can act to combat against the “new normal” with legislative change.

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