By: Arvin Hedayaty

Despite growing up in Los Angeles, I wasn’t very adventurous. I didn’t enjoy sightseeing or exploring the city as much as I should have. After spending three years studying political science in Boston, I knew that I wanted to come back and look for an internship that exposed me to not only the subjects related to my studies, but also to different and new areas of LA. Luckily, I was able to fulfill both desires through my internship with Town Hall Los Angeles; I was able to expand my knowledge on socioeconomic issues in the city and the culture that exists in the heart of Los Angeles.

1. City Club Los Angeles:
The forums that I assisted THLA in hosting were all held at the extravagant private club, City Club Los Angeles. From talking about gender diversity in the workplace to hearing about technology in LA, City Club was wonderful venue to hear powerful discussions related to important issues. Plus, sitting on the 51st floor of the City National Bank Tower, the views weren’t too shabby either.

2. Pershing Square:
At the heart of downtown, Pershing Square is a beautiful little park and there are a multitude of things to see and visit around the area. Take a walk around Pershing Square, check out a book at the Los Angeles Public Library, or eat at some of the restaurants around the block (a suggestion of mine is to eat at CHAYA, which has the best sushi I have ever tasted).

3. Japan House:
Aside from hosting forums at City Club, THLA also hosted Members Only visits to special venues. One of the visits that I was able to experience was at Japan House Los Angeles. Located at Hollywood and Highland, Japan House Los Angeles is an awesome cultural experience for anyone who visits. Full of Japanese art and designs, the center also has a restaurant for those who would also like to experience the delicacies of Japanese cuisine for themselves. So, after vising the visiting the Walk of Fame or trying to catch a glimpse of Jimmy Kimmel, I strongly suggest visiting the Japan House.

4. UCLA Health Training Facility:
Opened in 2017, this sports complex is where the Lebron-lead Lakers practices and hones their skills before the official start of the season. I was able to visit the site when THLA hosted a Members Only tour of training center. We were able to see and learn about one of the most iconic and prestigious sports organizations in the world, the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s events like this one that helped me to have a deeper understanding of the city of Los Angeles and have the opportunity to gain an insight into it that most Angelenos don’t.

5. Gensler Amphitheater:
Used by THLA for their Young Professional Roundtables, this state-of-the-art architecture firm is not only beautifully built, but also features an indoor amphitheater for special events that boasts an epic view. Is it too early to apply for a job there?

Regardless of whether you’re a native Angeleno, or if you’re only visiting, you can’t miss out on visiting some these LA hotspots – plus all the other ones Town Hall Los Angeles has in the works.

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